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PNG and Indonesia hold border talks

Posted by On 12:51 PM

PNG and Indonesia hold border talks

Indonesian soldiers man the border with Papua New Guinea at Wutung.

Indonesian soldiers man the border with Papua New Guinea at Wutung.

Papua New Guinea's and Indonesia's foreign Ministers are meeting today to discuss border issues.

Rimbink Pato and his Indonesian counterpart Retno Marsudi are meeting in Jakarta where they are expected to approve the establishment of Indonesia-PNG joint border committee.

According to an Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Arrmanatha Nasir, the relationship with PNG is one of his country's most important.

He said PNG was not only a big country in terms of size but also in terms of economy.

According to both governments, management of the two countries' long common border presented challenges and opportunities.

Mr Na sir said Indonesia was aware of the economic potential that can be developed for the welfare of people living in the border area.

In addition to discussing border issues, Ms Marsudi and Mr Pato will also talk about bilateral economic cooperation, especially efforts to improve trade and investment.

According to the Antara news agency, the value of Indonesia-PNG bilateral trade in 2017 reached US$208.89 million, increasing from $179.2 million in 2016.

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